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You know how hot the sex is when you first meet someone? "I was just curious." "That," Matt continued, "and when you showed me your photos, I figured you were good-looking, but not too good-looking, if you know what I mean." "Gee, thanks," Jake said with a laugh. And I have no interest in sucking your dick or cleaning your cum out of her pussy. Since they were in a town where no one would know them, Jake could pretend that he was Laura's husband, and Matt could play the role of the "third wheel." Jake happily agreed to play along.

"I just mean I knew you would be her type, but you weren't so handsome that I would feel intimidated by you. " "Well, I suppose that, technically, a cuckold is any man whose wife has sex with other men. To me, a cuckold gets off on the humiliation of having his wife sleep with other men. Throughout the evening, Jake enjoyed flirting, touching and kissing Laura in this public setting.

"Goddamn you're good at that," she said, stroking his ego once more. She dropped to the floor on her knees and bent face-first over a footstool in the middle of the room.

Her perfectly sculptured ass looked delicious and inviting.

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She used her talented hands and mouth to bring him to full attention, and then removed his stiff cock with an audible pop. "Or are you just going to stand there with your dick out?

I love seeing the look on her face when she's with another guy. Have you ever wondered why people ride roller coasters or jump out of airplanes or visit haunted houses? It's difficult to explain unless you've actually put yourself in my position." "I guess that makes sense," Jake said after a pause. It was a question that had been at the back of his mind since their first meeting. Trust me, there aren't many single guys on that site who fit that profile. As she approached the bar, Jake inhaled her sweet scent. Jake shared the embarrassing fact that he hadn't been with a woman in nearly a year, and he learned that Laura's last "boyfriend" left her at around that same time. Jake had mentioned that he was a pretty decent pool player, and Laura challenged him to a game.

It's a look that I enjoyed myself when we first met. Even though they aren't putting themselves in any real danger their bodies react as if they are. That's basically how I feel when I watch Laura with another guy. "Sort of." "But you still think I'm crazy," Matt added. You also just happened to be online at the right moment." "Okay," Jake said with a chuckle. I don't want to hear from her how much better you are than I am, or how much bigger your dick is. "What's this I hear about cleaning cum out of my pussy? Before heading into the bar, Matt suggested that he and Jake switch roles.

Jake dressed, found a beer in the fridge, and took a seat at the bar. He greeted Jake with a handshake and took his usual spot behind the bar. "How can I watch another man have sex with my wife?

" Matt said, finishing Jake's sentence with a smile. "It's difficult to understand, I know," Matt acknowledged, and took a swig of beer as he considered the answer. There is nothing I wouldn't do for her -- as you can attest." Jake nodded in agreement. I think that is one of the reasons why she stopped seeing the other boyfriends she's had. "But don't you feel jealous seeing her with another guy? "I don't think 'jealous' is the right word, exactly. "Hey, you're seven years younger," she replied with a playful smile.

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