Whose line is it anyway dating game

Drew and Wayne hug in joy and Wayne casually says through fits of laughter: “That was nasty.” The words are there but the attitude is not.

As the best television of AMC and HBO has proven people want to watch other people being nasty to one another. Let’s focus more on whose line it is, and less on having a good time, I want to give this episode an F. Because it was silly and funny and I was laughing throughout the episode.

By Mustang News Staff View on and students filed into the three-tier shelves of the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center on Thursday as the cast of “Whose Live Anyway,” a touring improvisational comedy and song show starring comedians from “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” prepared to take the[…] Four of the top improv comedians in the business were squarely on their game Thursday night at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver. kicked off the first of three evenings in Metro Vancouver with a high-energy spectacle of song, silliness, and Surrey jokes.

The cast featured a quartet of incredible improvisors and a veteran music man behind the keyboard.

Known for being one of the legends of the UK run - even if he seemed out of touch for the most of it./Trying to think of something clever with a little twist,/If we do another hoedown, I'll slit my fucking wrist!A regular towards the end of the UK run, Colin quickly became a crowd favorite for all the right reasons (and a few wrong ones).Turns out when you throw aside carefully crafted character development and instead make Colin act as Ryan’s hands I’m going to giggle about that and enjoy myself. Known for being the first regular performer, John is still, hands down, the most knowledgeable performer in the show's history...

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