Who is grey delisle dating

Welcome back, animation fans, to Popdose’s recurring look into the wonderful world of voice actors. After interviewing Tom Kenny, I feel like I’m already a professional at this.I think it may now officially be a running gag about how we’re still waiting to hear back from Billy West about scheduling his interview with us (honestly, he really did sound enthusiastic about the idea of talking with me for the column), but thanks to our good friend Scott Malchus, we’ve been provided with someone with almost as many credits…and with all due respect to Mr. Oh, I love doing interviews with Tom, because you hardly have to talk at all!It might be as significant roles such as Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City, or even as smaller roles and background characters in series such as Adventure Time and Mass Effect.De Lisle has had her varied tones in almost every game and animation over the last decade and even has a few country music records to her name, one of which includes a unique cover of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. v=3tdu2w Xm XUk#t=604 De Lisle looks like a film star, with her big smile and trademark red lipstick, but her on screen appearances have been very rare.Why does someone as lovely as Grey De Lisle spend most of her career stuck in a recording booth?Because Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated and countless other cartoons wouldn’t be nearly as good without her.

() I’m always happy to tell people’s ex-boyfriend stories. But the director, thank God…it was Collette Sunderman, and she said, “Look, do you want something to show your grandkids someday that’s got you and your wife on it, or do you want to have a hit show? I mean, it was, like, the worst recording studio you could possibly imagine, with the worst conditions for recording ever. It was a studio in Hollywood that had a corrugated metal roof that was open. It was, like, raised so that the air would go through, I guess for heating reasons or whatever, but I was just, “Are we really recording in here?No, it’s good, we’ll just keep going.” And I knew what was happening, and I went, “Oh, no!” And the next time I came back, that guy was, uh, not there anymore.Because you’re not going to have a hit show with your wife doing the voice.” And, I mean, it’s hard to tell somebody that, you know? I’m a really cheerful, chirpy, happy person most of the time, so it was hard to imagine, but they said, “Just try to do it as flat as possible.” Collette said, “Do nothing with it. ” ‘Cause every car that drove by would reverberate on the roof, and we had to stop all the time. But I couldn’t have done it with a nicer group of guys, and they’ve subsequently hired me for other projects…with bigger budgets.() But I was sitting there thinking, “I’m going to go to Hell.

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