What is normal dating progression

A virtual identity can take many definitions, but in this case a virtual identity is the identity that persons mentally create that conforms to societal standards and norms, it may not represent how they actually are, but it represents what they believe is the typical "normal" person.A real social identity is the identity that persons actually have in their society or is perceived, by themselves or others, to have.

If a person does not have this disharmony, then he or she is described as normal.

The French sociologist Émile Durkheim indicated in his Rules of the Sociological Method that it was necessary for the sociological method to offer parameters to distinguish normality from pathology or abnormality.

He suggested that behaviors or "social facts" which are present in the majority of cases are normal, and exceptions to that behavior indicate pathology.

However, what is perceived as the norm may or may not actually be the most common behaviour.

In some cases of pluralistic ignorance, most people wrongly believe the social norm is one thing, but in fact very few people hold that view.

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