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i like your dress Thank you, you're a darling. Is doggy style love it a good place to go shopping? Robin says one of her favorite things to do for her many lovers is to borrow their pyjamas, then strip out of them in the morning as they watch her over a fresh cup of coffee.Robin admits to getting much sexual satisfaction out of putting on private stripteases for her captivated fans, so for her being a Virtua Girl is a dream come true!

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Enjoy a brand new game: chat with pretty Blanca and try to turn her on. However, John’s computer-based creation (Charlie Curtis) is much more realistic than he originally gave her credit for.In fact, she’s figured out a way to weasel into his home security system and give John’s wife a near-fatal electrical zapping.As the designer works desperately to wrest control from his dangerous new creation, viewers can indulge in some fantasies of their own with Curtis and her clutch of virtual-reality girlfriends.Computer-generated babes Tracy Dali, Kalani Freeman, and Miche Straube manage to somehow look even better than human.

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