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These prevention and training efforts are also informed by several federal, state and UW System requirements and expectations.Below is a brief summary of relevant guidance: In addition to the online program, UW-Madison provides many ongoing awareness opportunities for employees.These opportunities vary based on the school year and can include the Green Dot bystander intervention strategy, ongoing learning efforts, and one-time events such as action events, guest speakers, and film screenings.Plans are in place to have this program available in alternative formats and in languages other than English in 2018.Check out Taste of Madison today and tomorrow in the Capitol Square. #badgersbudget #tasteofmadison pic.twitter.com/o76g YRo5dk 4 days until the fall semester begins! During this time, students can still complete and submit a FAFSA form by entering their tax return information manually. Call 608-265-5600 or log into My UHS today to schedule an appointment. Visit edu/food/foodassis…, dhs.wisconsin.gov/foodshare/inde…, and edu/resources/food… to find resources to help prevent and aid in eliminating food insecurity. pic.twitter.com/1MHuoaj W4c Is your child texting about financial aid?Did you know that we have 4 aid programs that provide aid for the full cost of tuition? The Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region is offering a scholarship for female students age 25 or older who reside in Wisconsin. pic.twitter.com/9Qxvj62wk1 The answer is "midnight Central Time (CT)." That’s 1 a.m. pic.twitter.com/3v Cf7EUvvb Think you’ll need a Federal PLUS or private loan? 🤳🤔 lol: lots of loans wtf: where's the FAFSA ftw: find (scholarships) through Wi SH tysm: take your scholarship money irl: important requirements (for) loans omg: oh my grants “Exit counseling is required by law.

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Looking for a budget friendly activity to kick off the school year? pic.twitter.com/o Im5I7drl9 Welcome to campus, students! UHS medical and mental health services are now available for all students enrolled in fall semester classes. Make sure to mark your calendar 🗓️ correctly for this year's FAFSA launch👍 Trellis’ Student Financial Wellness Survey found that over half of students experienced food insecurity.

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If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact your Divisional Human Resources Representative, the Director of the Office of Compliance, Cathy Trueba, or the Director of the Office of Workforce Relations, Patrick Sheehan.

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