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As a result, for first-time GPS buyers, we'd recommend the Mio Digi Walker C230, which offers ease of use and similar features.

Design The Navigon 2100 is a miniaturized version of the Navigon 51.

Start from the side opposite the SD card slot (as seen in the second picture).

Next, pry from the other side (the one with the SD card slot).

Place the screen in a safe place where it will not get damaged.

The battery is still hiding, but we will soon be able to see it.

That said, we were turned off by the sluggish performance and inefficient route recalculations.

The user interface can also be confusing and overly complicated.

See the third and fourth pictures for more detail on how the back cover is held on.From here on out its pretty straight forward if you have the right battery. Theoretically: Attach the new battery in the same fashion as it was previously. Plug the battery in and reverse the previous steps. The plug on the new one is also not compatible with the socket on the board. 2) Screw the bad connector and solder the new battery leads to the socket/circuit board.Use the flat bladed screw driver to pry up the GPS antenna connector from the board. Invert the unit over your hand and catch the board as it falls out. Pull the plug out of the socket and peel the battery off the board/foil its on. Ensure the screen's ribbon cable is fully seated in the connector and the tabs are pressed in. He purchased a battery for the Navigon 2100 MAX and not the 2100 he owns. This causes the greatest risk to both the battery and GPS unit.Flip the unit upside down on a surface that will not damage the screen.Use your finger nails or the flat screw driver to pry off the back cover.

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