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Many of these characteristics are easy to identify just by looking at the artifact, but determining the date or date range of production is not always easy.

After years of research through historical documentation and through precise data collection from well stratified and dated archaeological sites, archaeologists have developed typologies for several different categories of artifacts such as ceramics, pipe stems, bead, projectile points and more.Several types of lips were put onto glass bottles using different methods.So, as with the ceramics, archaeologists can attribute different lips to a date range because as new technologies or methods of attaching lips to bottles were developed other methods were outmoded and the newer methods were used more frequently.One example of this analysis method is historic ceramics which have been in production for hundreds of years, but not every type of ceramic has been in production for that entire period.Due to technological advances especially during the mid-16 centuries, pottery craftsmen were able to create more refined pastes (less porous), glazes more purified in color and new methods of decorating the pottery (from hand painted to transfer printed) as time went on.

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