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Signage at the restrooms also contains these instructions.

Travelers who require special assistance going through the Transportation Security Administration checkpoints can request the service as part of making their airline reservation.

Many rental car companies provide special access vehicles. Rental car counters and vehicles are in the Rental Car Center, just outside the east exit of the terminal. All airport restrooms contain at least one larger stall and grab bars to accommodate individuals with accessibility needs.

In addition to wheelchair accessible restroom facilities, there are three family restrooms pre-security: two adjacent to the Welcome Lounges in Baggage Claim on the lower level and one is on the east side of the Center Point on the ticketing (second) level.

These spaces require official license plates bearing the disabled designation or other official documents issued by a municipality or state of residence to be prominently displayed on the vehicle while it is parked.

(Note that departing passengers, including those using app ride services, can be dropped off curbside in front of each airline’s check-in counter.

Visual paging display monitors are placed at clearly designated locations throughout the airport terminal.

All of the facilities at the C gates are on the ground level.

Most ground transportation services, including parking shuttles, taxis, car services, shared ride vans, hotel and airport parking shuttles, are located along the commercial roadway in front of the terminal.

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