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Babi Christina Engelhardt was 16 in 1976 when she became involved with Allen, who was 41 at the time. While acknowledging how uneven their power was, Engelhardt insists she is not seeking contrition from Allen, unlike others for whom the #Me Too movement has proved emboldening.

“What made me speak is I thought I could provide a perspective,” she told The Hollywood Reporter’s Gary Baum, in a wide-ranging interview. This is not ‘bring down this man.’ I’m talking about my love story. I have no regrets.” The accumulated reflections in the course of her interview, and lifted from her own autobiographical writings, suggests her perspective is a conflicted one, however.

She isn’t the only underage woman to say that Allen behaved inappropriately with her: for years, Dylan Farrow has maintained that her adoptive father molested her as a child, which Allen has denied for just as long.

He also married Soon-Yi Previn, his adopted daughter, whom he met when she was 10, and Manhattan star Mariel Hemingway says he tried to fly her to Paris when she turned 18.

She says she told Allen that she was in high school in New Jersey, though he apparently never asked for her age, nor did she disclose it.

She was 16, one year shy of New York’s age of consent, and 25 years Allen’s junior.

Over the course of their eight-year relationship, Engelhardt says she and Allen had more than 100 sexual encounters.

Around four years in, she says he introduced her to his “girlfriend,” Mia Farrow — a moment that first opened her eyes to how Allen regarded her, which left her feeling “sick.” “I didn’t want to be there at all, and yet I couldn’t find the courage to get up and leave,” she writes in unpublished manuscripts for her memoirs. Looking back now, that’s exactly what I needed, but back then, the idea of not having Woody in my life at all terrified me.

(Stacey Nelkin, a 17-year-old who dated Allen, has also claimed that she was Allen’s in theaters when she and Allen were (allegedly) still together — eye-opening and devastating.Also read: Will the Woody Allen Scandal Torpedo ‘Bullets Over Broadway: The Musical’?Allen also began dating his future wife Soon-Yi Previn, Mia Farrow‘s adopted daughter, when she was 19.Babi Christina Engelhardt told The Hollywood Reporter Monday she was 16 and an aspiring model in 1976 when she was approached by Allen, then 41 and not yet involved with Farrow, at hotspot Elaine’s in New York. It wasn’t until after it was done when I really had time to think of how twisted it was when we were together…The starstruck teen scribbled her phone number on a note for Allen, which allegedly resulted in an eight-year affair. and how I was a little more than a plaything.“While we were together, the whole thing was a game that was being operated solely by Woody so we never quite knew where we stood.

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