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By setting team capacity, the team knows exactly the total number of work hours or days the team has for each sprint.

With this tool, you set individual team member capacity as well as days off.

Sprints are used in Scrum methods to support sprint planning, sprint burndown, and other Scrum processes. To learn more, see About area and iteration paths (aka sprints).

Scrum Masters help build and maintain healthy teams by employing Scrum processes.

Other teams like to track bugs as tasks performed in support of a requirement. Azure Dev Ops provides a Capacity tool for each team's sprint to set capacity.

Teams typically set capacity when they plan to create tasks and estimate the time it takes to complete a task.

Agile tools support the core Agile methods—Scrum and Kanban—used by software development teams today.

Learn more: About Agile tools and Agile project management.

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