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Promote Your Next Event by Wearing a Custom Shirt, Sweatshirt or Hoodie. https:// Swift Current Stock Car Association EDIT!!! We will only reprint old driver profiles if an email or a comment here says to do so. Speedy Creek Racing is now Swift Current Stock Car Association!!

Please send in so your sponsors will be in the program. March 31st Please send your info to Swift Current Stock Car Association Like our new page!

starts at 7 Here's the lineup for Tuesday night in the back yard of Canyon Creek Bed & Breakfast! Chelsea Rosty: How to Train Your Millennial Mike Prouty: Archaeology of the Hanging Flume Sonja Horn: Jesters and Witches Nate Stryker: Bike Swap Cuba Sabrina Frantz: Self-destruct Grant Clark: Maintaining Dirt & Gravel Roads in Mountain Areas Lucia Ibarra: Forest Plan: What’s in it for You Dave Sharrow: Bonk and Boom - Rockfall Issues in Zion Canyon Anne Ryan: Riding Blind: A 250-mile Tour with Blinded Vets Matt Landt: Prehistoric Camping on the Uncompahgre Plateau Kendra and crew will be serving libations and the weather should be lovely; you may wish to bring a jacket for after sunset. Your fellow community members will speak for five minutes on something they are intensely interested in. MUST PRE REGISTER by May 10 (limited space) call 970-249-2886 Limited seating! Three time /age spots ages 45 - up ages 21-35 ages 30- 45 Sign up to Meet your Match.

We are bringing in a Hypnotist for a private show on Saturday... Your stay will be unforgettable and you will know immediately that you have found a special place. It is speed dating in a comfortable back yard atmosphere. It is speed dating in a comfortable back yard atmosphere.

She planted herself in front of the exit, directly in his path, and said, “Hey, where’s the fire? Today, they are happily married, working in tandem as progressive organizers, and raising their son to be the most badass feminist in Colorado.Times will be announced once we recieve approval of the dates. Send drawings and ideas to us by Jan 30th and the winner will recieve a free 10 pack and recognition and publicity!!Remember all likes & shares on this page will enter you in to the draw for the 10 pack of tickets once this page hits 1000 likes. Remember you need to pay the annual membership on time to have voting rights!! Comment here for more info or send your ideas too CALLING ALL MEMBERS!! Also all memberships due Jan 31st 2018 memberships are now 30.00 CALLING ALL MEMBERS!! 2018 Executive Board President - Jason Duclos Vice President - Coty Smith Treasurer - Trevor Monk Secretary - Alicia Smith Directors - Stefan Klym, Clay Nelson, Dylan Mclachlan, Reg Lewis, Mellissa Paxman, Richard Crowe, Rachel Harrington, Devon Dyck & Eric Janzen. Remember this Tuesday *tomorrow* is the big meeting.Speedy Creek Racing is now Swift Current Stock Car Association!! Comment here for more info or send your ideas too Swift Current Stock Car Association Calling all members and fans. Also when this page gets to 1000 likes we will be giving away a free 10 pack to this season's races!! Extra entries for sharing and tagging friends on the new page!! is looking for event sponsors and draw/giveaways for our fans during intermission. Mayor Denis Perrault visited the Living Sky Casino Speedway to practice up for a race against City of Swift Current CAO Tim Marcus.At 1000 likes we will do a draw for a free 10 pack. Have you ever wanted to promote your business or get your name out to the public? I'm looking for prizes for women, men and children. CONTEST EXTENDED TO MARCH 5TH We have exciting news!!! The races start at 5pm on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday. There is only 2 race weekends left (Aug 18/19 and Sept 16/17) of this racing season! We have 3 draws for either Friday or Saturday night evening. This race season a young gentleman decided he wanted to race with the "big boys" haha and he is now apart of the modified class, who is it and what number does he drive? 10 Pack ( 10 Adults ) $ 110.00 10 Pack ( 10 Students ) $ 50.00 Family of 5 ( 2 Adults, 3 Students ) $ 35.00 Calling all drivers.

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