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For the majority of athletes, the completed form will be only the first four pages.

The fifth page is only for the limited number of people not initially cleared to participate.

Changes are discussed each year during the “Annual Conference” held online or in person in January and February.

Special Olympics’ range of services, from the Motor Activities Training Program to Unified Sports®, addresses the needs of individuals at their current functional level.

Until all athletes have been screened using the new neurological method, the neurological status of athletes that have only been screened by x-ray is unknown.

Precautions will still need to be taken for these athletes.

If the athlete does have symptoms, then he or she may only participate if the athlete receives a thorough neurological evaluation from a physician qualified to state that the cause of those symptoms will not result in additional risk of neurological injury due to sports participation and certifies that the athlete may participate.

The athlete of the parent or guardian of a minor athlete must sign an informed consent document that acknowledges they have been informed of the findings and determinations of the physician.

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The area program staff will assist coaches in locating the next closest competition.

The Athlete medical previously included Consent/Participant Release documentation.

The Consent had to be signed each time the medical was turned in by a parent/guardian, or by the athlete if they were 18 and they were their own guardian.

A form is considered complete if the appropriate medical practitioner signs the medical form and indicates that the athlete is cleared for participation, and the form reflects all the necessary signatures.

Medical professionals approved to sign the form are as follows: Licensed Physician (MD), Physician Assistant licensed by the State Board of Physicians Assistant Examiners, or a Registered Nurse recognized as an advanced practice nurse by the Board of Nurse Examiners.

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