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It’s not that the bonus material isn’t up to snuff – in fact, the included audio commentary with director Jeff Wadlow, star Sean Faris and writer Chris Hauty is pretty entertaining – but rather that they’ve made some serious mistakes with its presentation.For starters, the title screen isn’t so much a menu as it is a black screen with a table of contents listed on the bottom, while some of the extras from the two-disc DVD edition (specifically, “Star Power,” “Thrill of the Fight” and “Training the Cast”) are nowhere to be found.All comparisons to “The Karate Kid” aside, “Never Back Down” is actually a very different movie.Hounsou’s Roqua is infinitely cooler than the iconic Mr.

He then trains with a Brazilian teacher, Roqua who insists that there'd be no fighting outside the classes and the gym.

ovies like “Never Back Down” don’t normally grab my attention, but with two-time Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou attached, curiosity got the best of me.

After all, why would someone with his talents participate in a project that sounds like the kickboxing equivalent of “Step Up?

Jake is a teen with a lot of pent-up anger because of his father's death and gets into mixed martial arts to get revenge on a boy who beat him up.

Jake is a rebellious teen who always gets into fights.

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