Scene girl dating

In a time of sugar babies, sugar daddies and beyond, if the person is content with spending their money to make you happy, then go with it.My date recently dropped his Am Ex Black Centurion Card at dinner without skipping a beat.Little did I know that the dating scene in San Francisco is a little from that of the rest of the state.Even Broke Ass Stuart agrees that the dating scene here is weird.

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They have rent control; your roommates are crazy; your landlords are selling; and you don’t want to deal with the court case, whatever it may be.

So I decided to try my hand at dating with convenience and nonmonogamy / borderline polyamory in mind.

I finally saw and experienced what I was missing out on.

For decades, San Francisco has been known to pave the way in terms of culture, food, politics, social issues, technology, music and so much more.

While the idea of friends with benefits isn’t new, the people in the city — and all our casual sex/dating practices and Peter Pan–syndrome attitudes — are definitely changing the way we date.

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