Sarah bolger dating julian morris

' We had been talking about Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, so I'm sure he just wanted me to say him.During the interview, the Dublin native also mentioned that she has a boyfriend.Sarah played a recurring role of Princess Aurora with English actor Julian Morris, who played the character of her on-screen boyfriend, Prince Philip.The romance between Aurora and Phillip emphasized their insane on-screen chemistry.The Irish actress got nominated for a Critics Choice Award in 2002.

Both of the Bolger sisters are sharing an active bond with their parents.Although Sarah hesitated to reveal the identity of her boyfriend, she said that he is not an Irish.However, back in 2008, Independent magazine stated that the actress doesn't have a boyfriend.She was born to her protective parents Monica Bolger and Derek Bolger.Her father Derek is a butcher who owns an organic butcher's shop in Rialto.

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