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Sim Simi was later banned in Ireland for its propensity to facilitate cyberbullying.One feature of the app allows users to associate user’s names with another phrase.A popular form of artificial intelligence, machine learning analyzes patterns of observations taken from transcribed human speech.It then chooses the best response based on those patterns in its conversations.Much like humans, bots come in all shapes and sizes.

But who is legally responsible when rogue chatbots are accused of defamation, abuse or harassment?

Anticipating that bots may pick up some unintended language, companies should test and review them with random conversations before launch.

Rogue chatbots may cause liability for abusive responses to users besides negative reputational consequences for companies.

Given Microsoft’s failure to teach Tay what to say, not surprisingly, she adopted the offensive views of other users.

Microsoft took Tay offline to make some “adjustments.” Although Tay is back online, her tweets are “protected.” Even our popular friend Alexa has journeyed to the dark side.

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