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Validating a HTML form in Javascript is almost the part of every web application.In most of the cases, we tend to use regular expressions for validation. = regex.test(field.hpage.value)) return true } The regex should be all right... - The literal dot (`.') does not need not to be escaped in a character class. - Valid domain names may contain more than 5 consecutive decimal digits. Reg Exp.prototype.test() returns a boolean value, either `true' or `false'. - The literal hyphen does not need to be escaped at the beginning or the end of a character class (`[...]'). is equivalent to \d (not considering backreferences). which is completely wrong =o( Your code simply does not make sense. If Type(x) is different from Type(y), go to step 14. = ) | | The production | Equality Expression : Equality Expression ! = Relational Expression | is evaluated as follows: | | 1. regex = /^(http|https):\/\/[a-z0-9] ([\-\.][a-z0-9] )*\.[a-z](([0-9])? - Valid top-level domain names are not restricted to five letters, and the TLD specified in RFC2606 for testing purposes has only four letters. ==' or `==='), you are forcing implicit type conversion on both operands.

This condition applies if x_1 is not a string representation of a numeric literal, read: could be a URI. I don't presume it is the best strategy, just one that came quickly to mind. x_1 can be interpreted as a number (read: is definitely not a URI), continue. Pointed Ears The problem with using a regular expression to check URLs (or any otheraddress such as an e-mail address) is that even if the string fitswithin the range of valid addresses, you don't know if it's actuallyvalid. For example, have you ever tried to ping(1) or one of their subdomains? ___________ If the condition ("x is Na N") does not apply, i.e. ;-) (They, among others, are DROPping or filtering ICMP requests, which is considered antisocial.) What comes to /my/ mind here is of course to use DNS directly, therefore host(1) or nslookup(1) (from the BIND9 host utilities), where the latter is deprecated.In the case of a URL, finding a regular expression that validates every type of URL possible is very difficult.Even more if you manage to find one, the regular expression will be highly complex.

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