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magazine article that year, two “hermaphrodite” athletes were a threat to the future of women’s sports — and Brundage shared the fear.British shot putter and javelin thrower Mary Louise Edith Weston and the Czechoslovakian runner Zdenka Koubkova had each been born with dual biological sex traits.In 1966, the IAAF went further and instituted its first “scientific” sex verification exam, known as the “Barr body test”.The “sex chromatin” test determined the chromosomal composition of the athlete with a swab of the inside of the cheek.The remaining genitalia were then reconstructed to resemble those of the chosen sex.

No major issues arose again until the success of South African runner Caster Semenya, who won the 2009 IAAF women’s world championship 800 meter race in spectacular fashion.

She lost her fiancée and ability to participate in competitive sports, but found support from the medical researchers Albert de La Chappelle and Arne Ljungqvist.

Together, they proved that Patino failed the test because she had Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS).

However, they develop breasts during puberty and menstruate and in only rare cases actually produce sperm.

In 46, XX intersex (female pseudohermaphroditism), individuals have male external genitalia but the chromosomal constitution and reproductive organs of a female.

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