Plus one guest dating

Therefore, your guest shouldn’t be an afterthought. Stick to the guest that you mentioned on your RSVP card.

In other words, don’t use a guest as a placeholder until you get a better option. If for some reason your guest can’t make it due to illness or emergency (or even a break-up), you should check first with the bride and groom if you can bring someone else.

If you’re not certain, clarify with the bride and/or groom.

They might be fine with you bringing a friend, but it’s always a good idea to check first.

However, after surveying 400 Canadians on their wedding etiquette opinions, we found out something interesting.

A wedding is an intimate occasion, and it’s important for them to know who will be part of their special day.However, our new study has revealed that singles’ attitudes towards weddings are changing: so much so that it's time to rewrite the rules of wedding guest etiquette.That means we’re about to hit the peak of wedding season – and Elite Singles decided to celebrate by writing a survival guide for single guests.where men have the time of their lives at weddings – as long as they don’t have a date around to cramp their style. If given an invitation without a plus one option, 78% of women would happily go stag to a wedding, compared with 63% of men.What’s more, 28% of men would defy wedding guest etiquette rules and ask the matrimonial couple if they could bring someone along. Elite Singles’ in-house relationship psychologist Zoe Coetzee says ''although being single at a wedding is not the touchy topic it traditionally was, the genders can still experience the ceremony differently.

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