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Long After They Tie The Knot - See Couple's 1st Flick» Did Judge Mathis SPIT On A Valet?

Someone said she is too pretty for him, what the hell does that mean? It seems to me that Persia is a what you see is what you get kind of gal and playing Lynn probably was no different than being who she really is. I thought it was something with me but I noticed his lipsynching. He could've taken some more time off and get adjusted to his new life which is completely understandable. Just back it up with the cred we've come to known and love and bring it. I like the video, and I like the song, I am tired of the "in-the-club-in-the-bed-in-the-car-booty-shakin-touchin-on-the-big-body-chicks" videos, go Usher for daring to be different, I ain't hatin' @ all!!!!According to the source, the wedding consisted of just them, a photographer, and the officiant, at a beautiful undisclosed location in California. And Usher's new "Moving Mountains" video is here: Why do people say Ush is Gay because he not slapping his woman around..Leave the man alone he get more a** then a ashtray and that is from women.. I loved their storyline on "Girlfriends" where he was celibate, and she was totally the opposite.She probably hasn't updated her myspace b/c she is still probably in newlywed bliss ;) [quote comment="98220"]At one point in the Usher vid I slight case of Deja Vu ('Can't Tell Me Nothing') *anybody! Congrats to Persia and Saul.[/quote] LOL For all the Girlfriends junkies...[/quote] yes, with the lady is the black silky get up~ I, totally agree this is similar to Kanye's vid. The episode where they broke in Savad's room and was all up in thru the attic. BECAUSE PEOPLE LACK TASTE AND DONT KNOW WHAT TALENT IS.

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