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If you enjoyed the Ouran anime, you’ll love the DS game.Scenes from the anime are liberally sprinkled throughout the game in appropriate situations, as flashbacks and such.I’ve noticed in many DS games featuring substantial amounts of voice acting that the quality seems second rate. A nice touch is that Idea Factory got Maaya Sakamoto to provide voice acting for Haruhi, the heroine.

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There’s another area where Ouran DS excels – the voice acting. The voice acting sounds absolutely perfect – you’d think you were listening to the PS2 version and not the DS one.Honey loves her because of her obsession with cake. Photo(optional): (I have this on my list to draw) Gaia name: Amulet Ki Tora Name: Haku and Hana Fugioka Age: 16Personality: They are twins with black hair and Haku(male) has light blue eyes and Hana(female) has violet eyes. They are 2nd years because they usually mess around in class and got held back. Haku becomes the Smooth Type in the Host Club and hana becomes a regular guest for Hunny because she is obsessed with anything cute. They are protective of Haruhi and can act mature when they want to, which they never do. Even better, the DS exclusive characters Sayuri and Jean-Pierre Leo fit perfectly into the storyline.You’d think that original characters would disrupt the natural chemistry between characters and stories, but Sayuri and Leo are perfect additions to the cast as Haruhi and Tamaki’s childhood friends.

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