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She stood, took me by the hand, and led me out of the bar to the elevator.

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“Sure”, I said, and she slid into the booth with me.If he knew what amnesia was (and he recognized the word as soon as the doctor used it) how could he not know anything about himself? to know things you were taught in school, mathematical formulae and historical facts and figures, that Paris was the capital of France and that Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister, and yet not know your own name or even if your parents were alive or dead!“I’m sorry I can’t say something which sounds more hopeful,” the doctor had said, less than an hour ago as Adam had been discharged from the Infirmary.I crashed early, freeing the bathroom for my guest and creating what privacy I could by my sleep.I lay quietly for over an hour before I heard him snap off the t.v. He stood in the doorway, framed from behind by the light in the bathroom and gently illuminated from the front by the lamp near my closet.

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