Octagon girls dating fighters

As they win matches and build reputation, they move over to larger organizations like UFC. UFC has women fighters but all of them are in the Bantamweight division. Some of the other female fighters in the UFC are: a.

the sumo could just sit on the fighter, corner him and keep on punching him, or lay on him, lol. Some are better than others and they will get a raise like that, but there is a really big raise if you actually win the fight!

Natasha Wicks found her way to become a beautiful part of the Company by participating and winning the Maxim’s “UFC Octagon girl” contest in 2009.

Surprisingly, she never got the opportunity to truly shine as UFC released her only one year later.

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Will Jon Jones claim his title back against Daniel Cormier? Among the UFC fighters, who have dated an Octagon girl?

Well, if you too are seeking an answer to the last question then you’ve come to the right place.

When you put testosterone-fueled fighters and some of the most gorgeous women on Earth in the same place romantic interactions are bound to happen.

However, for some reason, his career took a steep dive with the four consecutive losses and taking a lot of punishment in the process.

In 2014, Californian has decided to call it off, but not without taking home the biggest award that his UFC employment has provided for him, his current wife Natasha Wicks.

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