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The Green EDGE Fund, created in[] allocates grants for environmental sustainability projects and verifiable carbon offsetting projects within the Oberlin community, as well as loans from a revolving fund for projects at Oberlin College that reduce resource consumption and have calculable financial savings for the college. Are spaces experiencing increased use due to the improvements achieved from the renovation?

Athletic events are not that popular, but there was an increased interest at my second to last home meet.

I'm used to nobody but the other team's parents I think some of the school's in our conference have more in-state students. Even if you don't live in one, they are fun to visit and eat at.

Movie are two bucks at the local theater, or a dollar at the film society, there's an observatory, a gym, a conservatory of music full of practice rooms and concerts and the Sco Club at the student union.

The town is cute, but small, there are only a couple of restaurants; but you make friends with a few people who have cars and you can go tot he mall or Cleveland when you need a break.

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