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That not only were we in some cases kicked out of our homes or rejected, in other ways by society and our family, but now the one space we've been gathering in, we were no longer allowed to be a part of either.

It felt in a lot of ways like the system is just really stacked against us.

Which, you can imagine in New York City, is not something that one does without neighbors noticing.

This black Southern woman named Easter Lily Friar was my babysitter when I was little.

It’s always been a part of my narrative, especially my dad, who always joked, "Be nice to your brother! They like to go to Broadway shows and museums, and yet, there’s this thread in my life, this through-line of urban hick.

He’s also your cousin." So it was always brought up in a kind of funny and gross way. My dad is actually a member of the NRA, and for some time while I was growing up, shot squirrels in the neighborhood.

She raised me, and she would eat the squirrels that my dad shot.

There’s just this funny thread of backwoods Alabama in my New York City urban upbringing. I'm a product of New York City public school from kindergarten through grad school. I went to public school next to the only working farm in New York City.

People come in all shapes and sizes and that you're no different or better than anybody else. I don't know if I would have been able to do that at that age if I had been anywhere else.My parents are actually cousins—how close is the million dollar question. They met at a family reunion, funny enough, when they were 14. Went their separate ways and then came back and married each other, had my brother and I, and bought a semi-attached house in Queens, which they still live in and own. It happened a lot, during and after World War II, as a way for families to find each other after certain relatives maybe had gone missing during the war. It’s a great way to measure who died when, because they’ll announce weddings and funerals, and birth announcements, and things like that.We have a constitution, and there’s monthly and annual meetings. And then really funny, stupid things, like they’ll argue over what the price of the memorabilia they’re giving out for the 25th anniversary should be, or how much money from their savings should be spent on the turkey dinner next Saturday night.Allison Steinberg, a 33-year-old Queens resident, has lived in that borough for most of her life. So when my family came over from various places—Europe, Russia—they incorporated, which allows them the opportunity to have holdings.But that may not always be the case: Here, she shares her experience of growing up (and coming out) in NYC, along with the reason she may eventually need to say goodbye to her hometown. My family’s one of the oldest registered domestic not-for-profits. So they have essentially a bank account, and a membership.

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