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I didn’t have high expectations, I simply thought it would be ok. How to soften cream cheese quickly: As you can tell by the numerous amount of pictures, I was totally smitten with these delightful desserts. I think you could also easily substitute Cool Whip for the from-scratch whipped cream in the recipe if you happened to be in a hurry. I have adapted this recipe from Mc Cormick with permission.It is small and bright, a little tight, but not too cramped, with vintage French posters and photographs on the light yellow walls.

If I have one complaint it is that other than champagne no true special-occasion wines are listed, nothing to really splurge on (a recurring fact of life in this part of the world).

It's astonishingly inexpensive, .50 prix fixe for four or more courses.

And it is good -- so good that it has become a regular stop for many New Yorkers with weekend homes in the area.

Decor tends to be relaxed, understated and not especially impressive. Just be thankful that the days of the stuffy country inn are past, and that there is finally a choice of simple places to have a good meal, all within a short drive of any spot along the shore.

Le Petit Cafe This is the closest thing to a Lyonnaise bistro in Connecticut.

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    Finale Pam: I'm looking forward to 'Take Your Daughter to Work' day.