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The 9-year-old Temüjin is taken on a trip by his father to select a girl as his future wife.

He meets Börte, who says she would like to be chosen, which he does.

See more » The Mongolian tribes, including the hordes that conquered their vast empire, rode on a very peculiar race of horses, stocky build, with relatively short legs and a large head.On their way home, Yesügei is poisoned by an enemy tribe; on his dying breath, he tells his son that he is now Khan.However, Targutai, Yesügei's lieutenant, proclaims himself as Khan and is about to kill his young rival.The film was a co-production between companies in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan.Filming took place mainly in the People's Republic of China, principally in Inner Mongolia (the Mongol autonomous region), and in Kazakhstan.

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