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Well, they had money, they were attractive, and after high school they seemed to be having a very good time.Exemplifiers of excess, they theoretically should be doing just fine, on the basis of those qualities. Luke’s first major in-show girlfriend wasn’t the best for him, but she did help Sookie and Lorelai find the Dragonfly. Rory and Paris’s over-exercised freshman roommate never made too much of an impression, but she seemed nice enough. Manipulating that break-up isn’t the only not-cool thing Emily did over the course of the series, but it’s a perfect example of why we have no patience with her behavior. And for cruel, prejudiced and let’s just say cruel again reasons.Gets rated as high as he does because he threw a pretty decent party one time, and hired the nascent Hep Alien to play at it.

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Rory’s other grandmother didn’t seem too unpleasant, but also didn’t have much in the way of backbone. Unfortunately, he was terrible at supporting her in her various endeavors.Only characters who appeared in more than three episodes are included below; even with that said, there are probably some we missed. It’s always awesome to see Michael York, but his relationship with Paris lacked class.(That’s what happens with a seven-season show with a rich collection of supporting characters.) Here’s everyone we’ve missed during “Gilmore Girls'” long hiatus — and everyone we haven’t. Yes, it was sweet how he fell for the smart shy girl just by noticing how intensely she read a book. Here’s how we found out that Paris wasn’t the worst in early seasons — this bitch haunted Chilton. Or, if you don’t tell the dad, don’t be controlling and weird about his relationship with your child should she find out. READ MORE: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Review (Spoiler-Free): This Netflix Revival is Worth the Wait Look, Taylor’s a dick. Lane’s mother basically ran a microcosm of fascism inside Kim’s Antiques while Lane lived there, and while she did so with something resembling the best of intentions, the fact of the matter is that she did everything she could to quash her daughter’s spirit in her early years, and it was a hard road to accepting her daughter’s unique personality. One of Logan’s Life and Death Brigade cronies, Colin’s most memorable quality was his ability to loop random women into his sphere.But when they broke up, it honestly didn’t feel like a huge loss. We don’t know much about Morey except this — he’s one cool cat.The show’s erstwhile baby daddy always seemed to mean well, but he rarely came out looking the best as he and Lorelai bounced back and forth between friends to lovers and back again. But in witnessing him flounder multiple times in his attempts to become a grown-up, we have to admire 16-year-old Lorelai for knowing that marrying him would be a huge mistake.

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