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What first started as a one-person strike by a Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, has now gathered momentum and spread all across the world into the largest climate mobilisation ever. The students are sending world leaders a powerful message: we want bold action on climate change, NOW.If you’re a grown-up, parent, grandparent, a teacher, or simply an ally, and the striking kids have inspired you too, but you’re not sure how you can take action, read on.

If you choose to, you can join the strikes on May 24, by attending a march, rally or other mobilisation being planned in your area.But be mindful about your role as an adult in the protest.Stay on the sidelines, cheer the strikers on, take photos or videos (ask for consent if you photograph individuals!Tell them about Greta’s message of climate emergency, and show them one of her powerful speeches.Share with them this map of all 24 May strikes and invite them to join, or support, any follow-up strikes or climate actions in your area.

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