Linx dating service

(Smoking is a big turnoff, she says.) She moved to Palo Alto in 2005 and is now at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park, a bucolic compound of Spanish Colonial buildings dating to the 1930s. Andersen, married with a young son, puts in up to 80 hours a week and sifts through 600 emails a day to bring together people who might otherwise never have met. It took several years to find a partner with whom he’s been able to “create a rhythm of being together that flows really nicely,” he says, and they see each other multiple times a month over coffee at Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park.Andersen does more than help people outsource their love lives, he contends: “She’s the connective tissue between people who need to be connected.” Larry Blair, 66, a co-founder of a networking company, turned to Linx when divorcing in 2009.Women are counseled to dial back on the intensity of get-to-know-you conversations.“It’s a date,” cautions Andersen, “not a meeting in a boardroom.” More recently, Linx introduced an exclusive VIP membership that offers an unlimited number of introductions over 24 months and access to Andersen 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

He wanted a partner who respected his devotion to his children and his international work schedule and who also shared his Christian beliefs.In her, he immediately sensed a “big, open heart,” he recalls.They bonded over a shared interest in landscape photography and were married at The Ritz-Carlton, Dana Point in 2012.“You date based on suggestions from friends, but your circle is only so big, and you have the risk of the whole bar scene, various clubs and associations, but your petri dish, if you will, is kind of limited,” Blair says from Southern California, where he now lives.“I viewed Amy as helping me by being my marketing agent,” he says, “and presenting me in the best possible light to other women who had an interest in a long-term relationship.” He dated 14 Linx prospects before being matched with Carol, now 58, who worked as a saleswoman at an exotic hardwoods company.

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