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The book is written in a very straight forward fashion, which is simple and easily understandable.

It emphasizes the do’s and don’ts in lesbian dating, but it is clearly different from the typical lesbian dating books.

Mission: The Portage Senior Center provides programs and opportunities that promote personal growth, health, friendship and independence for adults aged 50 and over.

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Reading the book is the equivalent of having a really great emotionally-nourishing two-hour conversation with an understanding friend.With the overall concept, style of writing and concise content of the book, it was able to capture the attention of lesbian readers shortly after its release. Each chapter manages to give you exactly the kind of lesbian dating advice you need.The book is not long in page numbers or word count however each page and each word is actually conveying something important.Her writing style is full of empathy, hearty enthusiasm, and occasional humor. Jean has the innate ability to motivate even the shyest of ladies to go out to purposefully find love.The book is jam packed with practical and well-thought out lesbian relationship advice that a lesbian woman needs in order to ensure a positive dating experience.

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