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As will be seen, the system of transliteration here adopted is the same as that employed in my previous work — a modi- fication of the Spitta system — but with a slight change, namely, the substitution of the y for the j. This change was made in deference to the severe criticism )assed on the method of transliteration in the earlier volume by almost all those in Egypt who used my book, and who wei'e accus- tomed to the old system of transcribing Arabic, in which certain sounds are represented by two Latin characters, a puzzling system long ago discarded by Oriental scholars in most countries of Euroi De, who would certainly have favoured the use of the more modern system in both volumes. Vll Numbers 1 \ wdhid 40 i- arbi'yn 2 r itnen 50 • Ijamsyn 3 r taldta 60 ■\ • sittumyia 15 \ /}amastdsar 700 Y • ' subhimyia 16 n sittdsar 800 A • • tumnumyia 17 \s saba Hdsar 900 •v- • tis^umyia 18 \^ tamantdsar 1000 \ • .. Jo ^Ul itgallib 'ala(atgallib); Jo J& Hly "ala (a' la). ^^ \a^ ga 'ala gafla (agy)-^ ju^ljl J*: ._^'^- yibally el wdhid yisla'gib.

Cornell University Library The original of this book is in the Cornell University Library. It was likewise pointed out to me that the existing English- Arabic vocabularies either deal with the classical Arabic ( most of them excellent works) and therefore of use only to those who can read and write that language, but in which the peculiarities of the modern tongue are omitted; or are small compilations which, although in colloquial Arabic, include many words and phrases not generally iised in Egypt.

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