Javascript for validating date in textbox

var validate Text Areas = function() You would call this method during your form validation.

It assumes that all textareas on your form must be non-blank but you could easily change that if needed.

I also received one comment from my reader that it is not sufficient to validate only format. This website communicates about my work, learning and experience.

javascript for validating date in textbox-84

An email address must contain at least a ‘@’ sign and a dot (.).can we pass texbox as an argument into javascript how to achieve this Thanks in Advance you can do this in two ways.Add required field validators for every textbox and add a validation summary contol.In other words, whenever a person first clicks an element, and then clicks anywhere outside of it. Onblur is used when you want to check each element (ie: text, textarea boxes ) individually, and ask the user to correct the input before moving on to the next box. The other event, onsubmit, validates the form at the end, as the user presses the submit button.

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