Is billy fuccillo dating caroline

Like "blah blah blah, my client is suing your client blah blah...Sean King." My mother worked as a waitress at The Capital Grille in Naples (one of the 0/meal restaurants).She appeared in ABC’s “Secrets & Lies”, Showtime’s “Homeland” and “Infliction”.However, Caroline is best known to the public for her long-term involvement with Billy Fuccillo’s car dealerships.When asked about Caroline’s absence, Fuccillo first stated that she was on a vacation, however, he later acknowledged that Renfro resigned without stating the exact reasons, and that he was looking for a new promotional sidekick.As of recently, Renfro has been more focused on her traveling blog called To & Fro Show.

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It's a brilliant plan if you can afford it....think loan shark.

Caroline is also an enthusiastic and accomplished blogger.

Caroline and her sister Clara Catherine were raised by their parents Diana and Traylor in their hometown of Charlotte, having moved from Opelika, Alabama to Charlotte shortly before Caroline was born.

Besides this, she toured across the US with “Star Quest International Dance Competitions” as a talent coach, emcee, tour manager and sound engineer.

She added the title of director to her resume when she directed several production for Hopewell High School, Appalachian Creative Theatre and Piedmont Middle School.

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