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This pedal is perfect for adding that extra drive boost to your sound without becoming overbearing.Pro tip: Set your amp up with a touch of gain and kick this in when you need to push it a little harder for a beautiful sounding overdrive tone that retains all the beauty of your amplifier and guitar.Choose from a clean sound with added boost or flip straight into a gritty cranked valve sound!The Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive pedal effectively produces the warmth and natural distortion of an overdriven tube amp, responding beautifully to all the subtleties of your playing.Trust us, you’ll really appreciate it, especially through the likes of a VOX AC30, Fender Bassbreaker or Marshall JCM 800.Ideal for: Blues, Rock and Country players as well as those who want a gain boost with a bit of flavor without losing the tone of their guitar or amplifier too much.You might learn something, and let's face it you never stop learning when it comes to music!Let’s take a more in depth look at each type of effect so we can figure out what the difference is between overdrive, distortion and fuzz.

If you want the short version, just skip to the bottom of the blog - but hey, maybe stick around?

Overdrive pedals can sometimes be confused with distortion pedals, but make no mistake, an overdrive is a different animal altogether.

Overdrive pedals drive your valves to the point of distortion, or at the very least mimic what that would sound like if you have a solid state amplifier.

The purpose of an overdrive pedal is to mimic the sound of you turning up your valve amp as loud as it can go, except this a far safer (and neighbour friendly) option.

It's probably the closest you can get to pure amplifier distortion without actually blowing out your windows.

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