Iatkos validating package contents

from an existing mac installation, if you have an upgrade install DVD version of leopard then you must have an earlier install of mac OS (like Tiger, check the "Install Tiger" post), if you don't have an upgrade install DVD you can choose the last option "do not transfer my information now" and click "continue", but if you have an upgrade version and you have previously installed a Tiger version on this PC then just choose: "from another volume on this mac" and click "continue", note: if this is an upgrade version DVD and you have not installed Tiger after you click "continue" it will go back to the "welcome video" stage and it will do that only 3 times after that the installation will be you choose to transfer the information from previously installed mac, then this screen appears, asking you to select the data you want to transfer (you must select at least one user), make sure you have enough disk space and click transfer.a transferring progress indication screen appear, it will take time depending on the size to it will ask you to select your internet connection type and set it up, it can be done but i prefer for first install to do only what has to be configured so i can see the leopard is launching and not that the internet connection has failed the installation, this wizard can always be activated from within leopard,next it will display the registration sceen, fill in the fields and press continuenow it will warn you about fields you forgot to fill or filled incorrectly or if the email is invalid, ether fix the data (if it will not allow you to continue) or press ok to ignorenext the more questions screen appear asking you where do you use this mac and what describes your uses for it, and you may check the ckeckbox in order to be notified of new sales and new products etc.by email (don't check this checkbox)next it will ask to send the registration info to apple, obviously you select "register later" and press the set the date and time window appears allowing you to set the clock, set it and press it will remind you not to forget to register with apple, press Done.thats it in a minute you will have a leopard system working, now just calibrate your keyboard, so leopard will load the appropriate code for it, press continue.first it will ask you to press the key next to the left shift,in my case it is Z, click it oncenext the screen changes and ask you to press the key next to the right shift,in my case it is the question mark key (?The installers for VMware Tools for Windows, Linux, Free BSD, and Net Ware guest operating systems are built into VMware Workstation as ISO image files.

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