I love cats online dating video

In what starts off as an innocent dating profile video gets a little weird. Debbie seems sweet, innocent and definitely a little nervous here. Honestly there’s nothing I can say here that the video doesn’t speak for.

But right as she gets into her love of cats, everything goes downhill.

Harrow was found by Alley Cat Rescue, and his preceding years could only be described as less than amazing. They are now giving him the love he very much needs. And we are so much happier when they're around, it's a two-way love street! Some are cuddlers, and some will rub against your leg (happy to see you) then immediately yell at you if you try to pet them.

After getting him cared for at the Rescue, Harrow was then introduced to the kittens... Don't 'fur'-get to give your pet some attention and love today -- they deserve it! There's no real way to explain the joy they bring, or how meaningful it is when they show you their love and affection. Some love to sleep on your lap, and some like to attack your feet from under the couch.

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Debbie starts talking about what she likes in the hope that she’ll get some replies.

You really have to watch this for yourself to believe this is real.

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