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For example, you could say something like, "When you… "Breaking up is uncomfortable for the dumper, but it's far worse for the dumpee," bestselling author and relationship expert Susan Winter tells Bustle.

"The kindest way to break up with someone is to do it cleanly, and with clarity.

"There is an art to breaking up with someone," Audrey Hope, a celebrity relationship expert, tells Bustle.

"If you do what needs to be done, you can sail through it." A little bit of planning — and a lot of respectfulness and compassion — means that you can get through the breakup without too much drama.

"This allows both of you [to] process why the breakup is happening, and have a direct conversation about it." That being said, if you're the one who's be wronged, don't list all the ways your partner has let you down, she says.

"Your partner will only become defensive, angry, not listen, and retaliate," Dr. "You could use "I" statements that show how their actions have affected you, without blaming them. I decided I can't tolerate that anymore."hard to resist making a clean break, but it probably won't do you any favors in the long run to leave the future open.

"You should break up with someone if you continue to have the same couples' conflicts and arguments repeatedly and your partner refuses to support satisfying your needs," Beverly Hills-based child, parenting, and relationship psychotherapist Dr. "A healthy, working relationship requires two willing participates who want to please each other’s wants and needs." So how do you do it?

Especially if it's been a long relationship, it's important to make sure you break up with your partner with the respect the relationship deserves."By being kind and loving and honoring what you've had, you will have taken the path of personal growth.Breakups are never going to be easy, no matter who does the breaking up, the pain of loss is inevitable." Sometimes, you have to remind yourself that this is for your own good.Once you are clear within yourself, do everyone a favor and break up cleanly and directly.Your partner might need to have one or two more conversations about the relationship than you do and helping accommodate this is always nice." As much you might hate to see them hurting and feel guilty about it, you are not the person to help them through this.

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