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That's right, it's Super Mario, scrolling his way on through your Android 2.1 (and up) live wallpaper.

It would seem that a small group of those receiving the brand-spanking new ( HTC EVO 4G ( over-the-air update are getting the exact opposite result of a phone tweaked and improved.

A simple example might be a music-playing application; you'll probably expect it to continually run in the background, playing music, regardless of what other apps you've opened since you started playing music.

On the other hand, a calendar application may only need to to be updated every few minutes to check for upcoming appointments.

Both approaches are well-informed, both work well, and ultimately, they are both fairly similar in their presentation to the user. As it turns out, multitasking support may be one area where the two platforms have the most in common, even pre-i OS4!

As such you may want to evaluate other features first, like which platform has the apps you want, which fits better in your pocket, or which looks better on your desk.

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