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Westminster told the ministry that it had not means- tested or interviewed applicants for grant money in any depth.The maximum grant was origi¬ nally fixed at £15.000 but has now been raised to £20,000.Only 36 per cent of toe purchasers stayed in the Greater London area and only I per cent remained in Westminster.One pensioner bought a property for £17,540 in Barbados.A family moved to a house in Australia which cost £56263. The Prxme Mmate^Wiutoy: trad Gerryu Adams t^cfecouid.

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The talks process offers the way forward, Sinn Ran can join m. Mr Adams addressed him as “s Chara" Gaefic fbrfriend.

That text, and only that text, is ■what is at issue" Albert Reynolds also deliv¬ ered a blunt message to the IRA, saying: “The time is approaching when the people of Ireland will demand darm- catian on whether all paramil¬ itary and associated political associations have the sincere commitment to creating peace on this island that they .

profess." - Decades of violence, page 2 Births, marriages, dealis--.- Business.

The council claims that thanks to the combination of a generous grant and a willingness to move to cheaper areas, the money “has enabled people to buy who oould not otherwise have done so".

The scheme has been successful in moving people out of Westminster.

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