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At Kutztown University, a lot of students live near campus. "If I were to live in Kutztown," Peitzer said, "I would be concerned that a landlord would look at me and say 'I don't want to deal with you anymore, you're trans, I don't want that in my house — get out.'" Peitzer is a transgender woman. "That leaves me on the streets." Anti-discrimination law Federal and Pennsylvania laws prohibit landlords, employers and others from discriminating based on race, religion, sex and other characteristics — but not gender identity or sexual orientation. But of the more than 2,500 municipalities in the state, only 34 include gender identity and sexual orientation in their anti-discrimination ordinances. " said James Carraghan, a graduate student who is gay.

And every morning she spends at least half an hour driving to school from her apartment. That means for some LGBT students who live near Kutztown University's campus, simple questions from a landlord like "what'd you do this weekend? "I say I went on a date, and then I have to think, 'do I want to change the gender'?

Corbett’s decision, Pennsylvania became the 19th state, along with the District of Columbia, where same-sex couples are able to marry.

“Given the high legal threshold set forth by Judge Jones in this case, the case is extremely unlikely to succeed on appeal,” the governor said in a four-paragraph statement.

The students are getting guidance from Equality Pennsylvania, a statewide advocacy group.

Ted Martin, executive director, says the students are asking for nothing more than fairness.

The couple, who have been together for 18 years, had avoided making wedding plans, believing that the governor would seek an appeal of the ruling and that final confirmation of the right of same-sex couples to marry in Pennsylvania would remain tangled up in the courts. Corbett’s decision while sitting in the living room of their shingle-clad suburban home.

Tears, cheers and hugs quickly followed.“Are you kidding me? Donato shouted after being read part of the governor’s statement by one of her lawyers.

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Donato said, “we both dated guys when we were growing up. And all of a sudden you decide you’re not going to do that any more.

— Getting married was not a pressing priority for Christine Donato and Sandy Ferlanie, despite their being plaintiffs in the case that led a federal judge to strike down Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex marriage on Tuesday. Tom Corbett’s decision on Wednesday not to appeal the ruling by Judge John E.

Jones III of Federal District Court suddenly transformed marriage for the couple from a distant prospect into a near-term reality.

Now the entire nation enjoys the same freedom to marry.

I have officiated many same-sex marriages and create unique personalized ceremonies for my LGBTQ clients. The first same-sex marriage I acted as officiant for.

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