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At St James, we make sure that children have plenty of other opportunities throughout the day and week to develop their love for reading and their reading skills.

Some of the ways we do this are: We begin the process of learning to read in the Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1, where we believe that the systematic teaching of phonics is the fastest and most effective way of enabling young children to start reading.

Children who have developed their phonics skills to a competent level will move away from the RWI scheme and will be given the chance to work on their grammar skills.

Children who find phonics difficult as they move into KS2 will continue to take part in RWI sessions or ' Freshstart' for the oldest children.

Reading regularly at home has a positive impact on how well your child performs at school.

Achieving well in this vital life skill unlocks the wider curriculum for children.

The children are encouraged to decode unknown words using appropriate strategies.

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If you have an account, you can sign in to view your skills health check reports.Some children will also bring home what we call a 'free reader' which is a book that is appropriate for their reading ability, but doesn't belong to one of our reading schemes.We encourage children to read their home/school book for 10 minutes at home every evening and for parents to sign and comment in the reading record so that school know the child has read at home, and more importantly, how well they have done.Children will either meet or not meet an expected standard.For children who do not meet the expected standard, they will retake the check in Year 2.

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