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By merging the Sorted FP-Tree and then obtaining the FMSFP-Tree, UAMFI uses the depth-first method to find and update MFI.

Finally, the algorithm was tested on the mushroom and T15I4D100K database, and UAMFI's performances were compared with Mafia.

In our previous blog, Machine X: Understanding FP-Tree construction, we discussed the FP-Tree and its construction.

In this blog, we will be discussing the FP-Growth algorithm, which uses FP-Tree to extract frequent itemsets in the given dataset.

FP-growth is an algorithm that generates frequent itemsets from an FP-tree by exploring the tree in a bottom-up fashion.

We will be picking up the example we used in the previous blog while constructing the FP-Tree.

The final FP-Tree that was constructed in our previous blog is as shown in the below figure.

Step 1 – Header table would be iterated in a reverse order, so first, those frequent itemsets would be searched for which end with the item p.

If it is frequent, we consider the subproblem of finding frequent itemsets ending in mp, followed by bp, ap, cp and fp.

In turn, each of these subproblems is further decomposed into smaller subproblems.

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