Expect after six months dating

Even though you may want a man to “just know” early on that you’re the only one for him, things usually don’t work this way with most men.

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He’ll feel pressured, and you’ll miss out on the amazing feeling that comes from a man naturally wanting to secure things with you.

ask me detailed info of where I work, my family, etc.? For me, I learn more by observing than by asking questions.

is not for one month, would you let me know how long after seeing each other should bring those things up? Yes 9) Yes 10) Absolutely 11) Absolutely When you bring things up is dependant on the type of relationship and this person you are dating.

The trick in this stage is to take the pressure off the future and enjoy getting to know him, while also being clear that you are evaluating your future together: “I’m happy with you and I want to keep dating, but the future’s important to me, too.

So let’s see how we feel about things over the next few weeks or months (set a time here you feel comfortable with), and we’ll decide if there’s something more serious that we both want.”When you say this to a guy, there’s an unconscious button that’s pushed in his mind that tells him that you are a respectable and desirable woman who has the ability and the strength to pick and choose what happens in your life, and he better rise to the occasion.

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