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An estimated 400,000 prostitutes work in the country providing services in brothels, sex saunas, as escorts or on the street.

As a nation, the Germans have a pretty liberal attitude towards sex though this can be polarised depending on the region and the demographic.

Studio content is released at a rate of approximately six titles per month and these hit a variety of network websites.

Though Mind Geek is now based in Luxembourg, the porn giant was founded by German, Fabian Thylmann.

Prostitution is legal and the country produces an immense amount of professional and amateur porn.

The industry is the fourth largest in the world behind China and Japan, netting an estimated €15bn of revenue each year.

Perhaps considered American porn stars, Briana Banks, Amy Reid and Madison Ivy were all born in Germany.

Other stars of past and present include: It is only natural that with a thriving porn industry that there is an equally high-profile retail industry to service demand.

His work has won plenty of awards but also notoriety with some content being banned in many countries due to the extreme nature of the activities.

The top three most popular German porn stars in Germany at the moment are Gina Lisa Lohfink, Lexy Roxx and Lucy Cat.

All three are producing regular content for various studios and are still working in the industry.

HIV/AIDS prevalence rates are also low at an estimated 0.15% of the population.

As a legitimate industry, adult entertainment in Germany is comprehensive and covers a wide range of activities.

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