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The Frisky: 10 things women don't understand about men There are reasons why Draper's wall is so high and impenetrable.

Knowing those reasons -- or at least some of them -- makes viewers sympathetic to him. A man with secrets so big, he has to hide behind a wall all of the time.

These are, of course, just excuses for his bad behavior that should never fly in real life.

My ex had his own reasons for presenting a facade, for not letting anyone get too close, for acting like a jerk; some he shared, some I figured out, but all made me want to stay with him.

The Frisky: Could you get past hearing "I don't love you anymore?

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At the same time, being one of the few who is able to get past the facade feels powerful.

When you're in love, having that power only makes you feel even more special.

If you’re not a Mad Men fan and you don’t know who Don Draper is, you know the type.

He walks into a meeting or a party and exudes the kind of power that travels across the room and right into your pants.

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