Doggie dating site

I’m just watching and waiting for my chance to take over these humans in world domination. People thinking I’m sweet and kind, and wouldn’t hurt a fly…hehehe, it’s the quiet ones that need watching. We'll provide you with the essentials—a collar, leash, and waste bags, plus food and a bowl, if needed.We’ll also provide you with basic instructions and ensure you’re comfortable with your date.I’m outgoing, so that everybody on the block knows my name, but at the same time, I can be quiet and contemplative. When I cross the street, I stop traffic without fail. I like skunks and bunny rabbits and just about anything else that moves, so if you’re into running, I’m the one for you. I hate fireworks, but I love cactus Danny Boy here. I’m a sloppy kisser that likes to drool on everything. I’m easygoing and affectionate, but I won’t think twice to sit on the head of a yippy dog that messes with my girl, capisce? Speaking about water, I love lots of it…especially from the fire hydrant. If my puppy dog eyes don’t suck you in, I’ll get down on two knees, and beg.

*snort* I like checking things out, it doesn’t matter what it is *snort* as long as it keeps my attention. Anyhoo, I apparently didn’t get the job, but I thought the idea was so quirky and fun, I ran with it. I‘m a buff 10-year-old Shih Tzu with a penchant for spontaneous buggery with right mate. Contrary to my breed, I am not, how do you say it, high maintenance. But, I can really, how you say, cut loose listening to some Beethoven or some Mozart nightly. I like sunning myself (you think this golden tan comes in a bottle), I like my food Victor, and my water Dasani from the fridge. Hi, peeps, I’m Chewy, and I’m a 8-year-old Lhasa Apso that’s a free spirit, and likes to dance the night away. I like my women to pee on the sidewalk, and trashy. Hiya, I’m Ginger, I’m a country gal kind of a Boxer. While it make take up to two business days to process your application, you only need to apply one time.Once approved, you can come to the Shelter, fill us in on your date plans, and check out the eligible singles in our kennels. We’ll select the dog or dogs for you based on your experience, intended activities, and date length.

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