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We love message boards though, so want to examine them a bit.

How did people who were into the same thing connect back before the internet?

Sites like J-date are incredibly popular, but also because the information that companies have based on research, they're able to adjust the prices they charge based on what group of people they're servicing.

were far more general at the early days, just because we hadn't figured the internet out yet.The idea was, "We can use the internet to find other people who want to have sex in my city. " But as online dating sites became big business, the sites were also finding that their customers weren't as satisfied as they wanted them to be, and that repeat business was going to be important to them.So when Online Dater A had a good time dating Online Dater B, but not Online Dater C, they looked into why, and realized it was because everyone wants something different.We understand the challenge that comes with trying to find the right hookup forums to sign up for.We've all signed up for forums that ended up not being what we wanted them to be.

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