Digital dating guide

If done right you can grab it just under it’s ears, and it’ll just hang from them.

If you miss and it ends up flipping over you can grab it easier if it stays straight, just try to grab it from the middle. Second Date: Sana starts by giving you the Amidst a Dream LP.

You can then opt to stop him your fists, and you’ll easily slap him around outside. Third Date: I opted to go all in, and respond with “You’re beautiful”.

When she texts you back after, respond with the following: Me too. I then opted for the casino, as it was the last place to go to. Don’t be a perv, and assume she’s talking about your calamity.

In Judgment you can go on dates with specific girls after completing side cases related to them.

In regards to drinking on the first date: Either answer (you go for drinks anyway) Questions can be asked in any order: After the first date, respond to her texts with: I don’t mind. You can then text her back on your own time when you want to have a date again: How’ve you been? You’ll then have a date marker over in Wette Kitchen, where you should go to speak to Yukko. Third “Date”: When you’re done the conversation Yukko will now be turned around staring at you like a weirdo. Once the date is done, select: I’d rather investigate some things we can do together. Last text you’ll ask to meet her over at Theater Square, where a marker for her will show up shortly.After the race ask her “Why don’t we sit down and talk? Choose the following responses: You’ll be playing a drinking game now with Nanami, you have to drink if she guesses stuff correctly, and not drink if she doesn’t. You can cheat Shogi by using a computer or phone app of it, and just copying the moves between with the AI on the app set to highest difficulty. Amane will text you back shortly, you can respond with: Let’s go on a date again. After that she’ll text you again to set up a totally not date to lure out the cow calamity that will apparently befall you.The first thing she guesses is whether you have a girlfriend or not, and it’s up to you how you answer that like with the other girls. (You can go through all answers with her, so order doesn’t really seem to matter) You have someone you like right now. Choose accept when she asks whether to watch over the student, and you’ll prevent someone from stealing his bag. Second Date: Second time I opted for darts (that’s a sport of merriment right).If you’ve raised her affection level to the current max on the bar at this point (which you will if you’ve answered all the questions the suggested way and given her the earrings) you’ll have unlocked her first locked conversation. You can give her a gift if you wish, at this point just go with whichever you feel like buying before.If you haven’t you can do the other options first to raise the bar more. Sana isn’t a “mature lady”, so probably stick to the other items.

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